Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

This weekend's weather has been BEAUTIFUL! We're talking sunny skies, gentle breeze and mid 70s... love it!

We went to a cook-out at my in-laws yesterday. Got to eat some yummy food, hang out in their back yard and it was really really nice... until the big boo boo:
(I promise, it looks worse than it is.)

Wee man tripped (over his own feet or a throw rug) and hit his head on the corner of the wall. He cried and cried and cried... and we put ice on it while distracting him with two freeze pops (those little popsicles that you cut the end off of). There was a teeny tiny amount of blood but the skin mainly got scraped, not really a laceration. My poor baby... got to love being able to replay the instant in your mind (slow motion of course) and feeling guilty as if we let it happen. Luckily, Matt's aunt who is a nurse was there & took a look... no need to get stitches. He took a nap when we got home (snuggled up on the couch, no way I wasn't going to cuddle him while he slept). When he woke up we attempted more distraction and some ice (aka bag of frozen peas), but he was NOT having it... mainly because he wanted to play.

This is his, "I'm sweet, don't you want to play?" face.

Last night Jack got to have a slumber party with Mommy & Daddy (I really wanted him next to me after the bump) and woke up with hardly any swelling left on the bump! Yea! We went to the zoo this afternoon and got to see animals & exhibits we hadn't seen before. All I have to say is thank goodness for a zoo membership, no guilt for going for only a couple of hours at a time.

Here are some more pictures from this weekend:

Matt pulling him in the wagon at my in-laws; Jack's Bapie & Dza Dza (family nicknames with Polish origin for grandma & grandpa)

Looking like such a big boy exploring their backyard!

Me and Jack waiting for lunch at the zoo... I took it myself, and I'm impressed because I have such short arms I can never pull off these kind of shots!


  1. aww poor guy! He can still rock the bandaid, though!

  2. I'm glad he is ok! Everything is so scary with little guys. He is sooo cute - all that blonde hair!