Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football Weather!

I walked outside this morning to put some pop cans in our recycling bin on our back deck.. it was CHILLY (we're talking 45-50). I told Matt of my observation when I got back inside and he simply replied "Its football weather!"

Football season in this house is a season of focus... on any and all football games! My husband might be a little obsessed. I don't know that I can really blame him since he played in high school (and was really good from the rumors I've heard!). Thursday evening was the first Ohio State Buckeye game of the season... and boy, was he excited! I do find it cute how excited he is to share football seasons with Jack. Here's a picture from Thursday evening:

Jack looks exhausted... that's because he is! The boy has not been going to bed very easily lately... and he's been a decent sleeper for most of his life. I don't know if its the age (toddler temper tantrums), teething (I can see a 5th tooth through the gums), or if we need to change his bedtime routine. We have been reading to him before bed since he was younger than 6 months old... now when we start reading a book he screams at us, fights to slam the book closed, and wants to run away. He still love books during waking hours (always has), but when its before bed, he freaks! I'm hoping it is a phase... but it makes me sad to have to fight at bedtime.

Back to "football weather"... I must admit I am excited for the weather to change! It has been HOT this year and I'm ready for it to be cool in the evenings & mornings. Not to mention, little boy clothes are SO much cuter in the fall and winter months than in the summer. Summer wardrobe options consisted of t-shirts, shorts, and onsies.... snooze-fest (and it makes me jealous of all the options for cute little girl clothes out there for that spring/summer!) Fall brings cuter "boy" (and by boy, I mean colors that manufacturers in which boy clothes are made) colors like deep reds, oranges, navy blue, etc.; as well as sweaters that can be more interesting by having different textures & patterns, not just varying the color! We've got quite a good stash of fall clothes washed & ready to go... and I'm excited!

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  1. A couple of sweet guys! You are a lucky girl!