Friday, September 10, 2010

A Date with My Son

Earlier this week Matt went out with the guys for wings & beer (they do so every month or so). Jack and I were home alone around dinner time, which isn't really that rare of an occurrence due to Matt's work schedule, but I wanted to "spice things up" a little. Jack has enjoyed pulling the blankets out (normally stored on a low shelf in our living room) and is especially entertained by me flipping the blanket to get it laid out on the ground.
While Matt was out to play... Jack and I had a picnic date in the living room! Here are the pictures from the adventure:

Getting some quesadilla pieces.

I think he was looking for more food on the plate because the pattern on our dishes is distracting.

This is what he does when you say "all gone"... notice the cloth diapers in the background that he previously pulled off the couch after I put them back together.

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  1. Love that idea! I'll have to do that with Brendan when he gets a little older.