Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally Friday!

This past week flew by for me... and I have to be thankful for that because it was extremely full! Work has continued to remain busy with a specific project and it has been compounded by the fact that a coworker on the project has been in Europe for two weeks (still working on the project for with another group). I will definitely be thankful when she's back in the middle of next week!

Jack has been SUPER crabby lately... in fact, calling him "grumpy pants" had been a common phrase over the past week. I must say, we've been spoiled with a very easy going little boy. We couldn't figure out what was up with him... he was throwing temper tantrums & chewing on things a lot so we figured it was teeth, but from what we could see there weren't any bumpy gums. Well, much to my surprise this afternoon (when he was in a great mood) he was laughing with his head back & I spotted not one, but two molars! I am surprised he has molars, but I honestly can't say I knew anything about when he would start getting them. I must have assumed it would be a while since it took so long to get his first teeth.

Tomorrow we're going to my parents for a going away party for my brother. You may have read about him getting a scholarship to go to school in Germany. He leaves in about a week and a half... I can't believe it! I'm so excited for him to take advantage of this opportunity... I know he'll love it! Plus, Matt & I are really hoping to try and visit him while he's there.

In other happenings, we've still be using cloth diapers and I still really like it. I'm not so much in it because it is "greener", but I do enjoy the feeling of self-sufficiency. I suppose the feeling is similar to those who sew their own clothes or have a vegetable garden. We've gotten one new cloth diaper to try upon a recommendation of a close friend. She doesn't have any children yet, but is excellent at reading reviews!
  • BestBottom (one-size): This isn't so much of a hybrid in my opinion because there's not a disposable insert option, but it does use snap in liners. We got this diaper in "chunky monkey" which is brown with light green trim with large microfiber liner. The liner has the fleece on top like used for pocket diapers to pull moisture away from baby's bottom. One cool thing about this system is the overnight "booster" snaps in & has snaps for the regular liner to snap on top of it. Big benefit is how trim the diaper is, and I assume it will be trim no matter what size because you purchase sized inserts. They also have a hemp insert, which if it has a fleece layer on it I might try because hemp tends to be even thinner. So far, I like this diaper but I've noticed the insert bunches up around Jack's croch despite the fact it is attached at both ends. This doesn't happen all of the time, and doesn't seem to affect effectiveness.

So far, I'd rank this new one up there with our TotsBots! In other diapering news, we're still trying to figure out a good wash routine. We love our HE front loading washer but apparently this makes washing cloth diapers a pain... its not too bad, but it is frustrating sometimes! Oh well, we'll figure it out with a bit of experimenting!

I'm off to do a little self-pampering to paint my nails... its amazing how good doing those little things feel when you're a busy mom!

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