Monday, April 12, 2010

Public Service Announcement for those Planning Weddings

It is not, under any circumstances, okay to put registry information on/in with your wedding invitation. Seriously folks, if you have no other communication (or your family doesn't) with someone for them to ask where you are registered, they probably shouldn't be on your wedding invitation list. When I receive an invitation, I prefer to feel like you want me there... not whatever gift I may bring with me. To put that information in your invitation is soliciting for gifts and is, well, extremely tacky. Putting this information on your wedding website is fine, if someone wants to know they should be able to find it or be comfortable asking you or your parents for it! Also, if someone is throwing you a shower it is more acceptable because they are suggesting gifts for you but you are not asking for them. It is published in many wedding planning books and websites (I found them) so please just look. I understand that it may be becoming more common practice to include this information, but just because etiquette in general is being forgotten doesn't mean it is okay!

Sorry if you are someone who has put this information in your invitations, I'm not "deeply offended". I only wish people would not do this because I am kind of old-fashioned and appreciate good manners. Personally, I know I am not perfect but I do try to be respectful of these things. Argh... that is my rant for today! Thanks for listening!

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