Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jesus Christ is Risen Today!

Ahh, I love that song... and it was the opening song at Mass this morning! We had a great Easter today! I can honestly say it was a struggle to get through Mass because we sat in the cry room & it was so crazy it actually ended up making Jack very miserable and fussy. We've sat in the cry room before and it usually is pretty typical with just a little more "excitement" than the main part of the church. It was the first time I left Mass feeling like I almost didn't get anything out of it, and it was very sad for me! Oh well, I did get some prayer and reflection time after Communion to really focus on being involved the liturgy.

Here are a few pictures from our Easter celebrations today!

Jack getting ready to dig into his Easter basket!

Jack and Daddy getting ready to go to Mass! Such handsome men in my life!

Family shot!

I hope everyone had a very blessed Easter and got to celebrate with family and friends!

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