Friday, October 30, 2009

Official Homeowners!

Well, its official folks! We're homeowners... and now officially poor! Haha! We closed on our house yesterday and it was quite the experience. I had been to one house closing before with my mom when my parents bought their house for this last move. It is of course completely different when it was our house and our money! Quite a shock to see the actual amortization schedule and how much we'd pay if we were to stay there for 30 years and pay off the house. Oh well, we are so excited!

I got off early today, which is always a good deal, and got to come home to my boys! My mom came by a little bit today, even though Matt was off, just to help watch Jack so Matt could crank out some packing/cleaning. This evening we went to Lowe's to check out paint, carpet, and a few other odds and ends that we may be needing soon! I can't wait to get started on a bit of home improvement with first painting and then getting the carpet replaced. We have a few other things we'll eventually want to do (i.e. replacing some not-so-attractive light fixtures) but other than that not too much longer til we are in our house!!!

We're planning on painting our bedroom a lighter blue/grey shade to coordinate with our bedding that we got when we were newly married! Jack's room will be a yellow/khaki color that coordinates with our crib bedding but will hopefully stay pretty neutral when he gets to a big boy bed. The only other room we're planning on painting right away is the kitchen. I am thinking one of 2 colors... one is kind of a toffee brown and the other is a toned down brick red. There is not a ton of wall space that will need to be painted because of the tile backsplash. That's why I'm thinking the bolder/darker color will be ok in a smaller space.

I'm so excited to get started! I will be posting the pictures over the next few weeks as we make our new house a place that is our home!

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