Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Move is Almost Here

We close this week! YEA! Matt and I officially started the packing process... its going to be a long one. Thank goodness we've got a couple of weeks! We went looking at appliances yesterday and I'm very excited! I can't wait to have a bigger washer & dryer. Right now we're in a constant state of doing laundry. Not that that will change once we have bigger W/D... I mean we do have a 4 month old! He tends to dirty things up very quickly!

I'm extremely excited to paint and decorate our house. We started to look at paint colors and went to Lowe's without any stuff we want to match/coordinate with. Once I got home I definitely realized my eye was not as good as I thought! Next trip, I'm bringing "props" to be more prepared!

On other notes, here is an adorable picture of our happy Jack at 4 months with his teddy bear. This is the bear that Matt and I built at Build-a-Bear. We felt a little goofy, but we wanted to start the tradition so that when we have another baby we can take Jack to build a bear for his younger sibling... and so-on!

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