Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Son is...

a Daddy's boy, its official.  This evening's scenario:

(Me coming through the back door after work)
Jack (running toward the back door): Da da da da!
Grandma: No, who is it?
Me (in my most excited-to-see-you voice): Hi Jack!
Jack (turns on a dime before even getting close to me and runs to my mom): NO NO NO NO NO!

Ouch, kid... that was cold.  Doesn't get much worse then that... well, I guess there could have been tears.

Fast forward an hour or so, he had calmed down... Mommy got stole a couple of kisses and we played.  Daddy gets home and we all play together until... Daddy goes in the other room and closes the door.  Full breakdown with tears ensues, baby boy is pounding on the door because he wants his Daddy.

Yes, there were tears in the end, all because a boy wanted his Daddy.

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