Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2 of Vacation: Part 2

The second part of our day, included a trip to a Gothic-style Catholic church called St. Johann or Asamkirche.  The church is the epitome of Gothic architecture!

The front of the church, it is not a free standing church, but shares walls with the adjoining buildings. 

The intricate wrought iron gate leading out of the narthex of the Church into the main part of the Church.

One of the many confessionals in this small church.
The second day in Germany was also our 3rd wedding anniversary!

My beer at dinner... we braved a German restaurant by ourselves since my brother had class!

Matt's beer at dinner for our anniversary (its Dark King Ludwig beer)

Hirschgarten, where we went to dinner for our anniversary.  Its the largest beer garden in Bavaria!

The champagne that the hotel surprised us with because my mom emailed them to tell them it was our anniversary.

Matt and I toasting to our anniversary and many more together!  (And yes, we look tired in most of our pictures.)

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