Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frustrations in the Housing Market!

Well, we've put in/written offers 6 times on 4 different homes throughout this process... and none of them have been accepted! We're definitely most disappointed in the last home because we actually let ourselves get too attached to it. It was a great home (listen to me, talking about it as if it has passed away). We're trying to continue to be positive and really hope that we'll find something great and never look back... that is getting harder and harder to do with every offer. I am a bit discouraged by reading about how great the market is and that its a "buyer's market" when no one wants to sell us a house. And to answer everyone's question, no we haven't been sending in low-ball offers. I am very familiar with how to figure out offers because of learning from every move my parents have been though, and learning so much as we go through homes. Every house we see, I become more and more confident that what we've offered have been fair prices or maybe slightly under that for negotiation purposes.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers so that we can find something SOON! We essentially need to be in contract on a home by Oct. 15th because we will need to move mid-Novemeber before going to TX for Thanksgiving w/my in-laws and Tiffany's wedding. We're going out to look at homes tomorrow evening!

I will try and keep updates coming more on Jack... we're preparing for the big plane trip in a week and a half! That will definitely be interesting. As laid back as he is, I am thinking he will likely do okay over all with the trip. I'm mainly worried about his ears popping during take-off & landing. I'm even more worried about trying to handle it all through the airport, not to mention the fact that I bet we'll overpack "just in case". I'm sure I will have lots more to tell after the trip!

Jack is getting bigger and bigger every day... he keeps outgrowing clothes, or at least fitting into the bigger ones (as we try to squeeze him into current ones to get more use out of them). I have his outfit picked out for Leah's wedding on the 10th and I think I know what I want him to wear for Tiffany's in November... just waiting to see what size to buy. We bought his Halloween costume last weekend, he's going to be a monkey, because a) Matt loves monkeys and b) Jack's been making this new monkey-like sound (that kinda sounds like "hoo-hoo"). I will be sure to post the video I got of him doing it the other day (or you may have been able to see the one my mom got and emailed to friends & family).

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