Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back Online

After giving in, we went and bought a new modem/router for our DSL. Still slightly annoyed, since we've had it for under two years... but what can you do? Especially in my small internet dependent world! I will have to admit that the days without internet resulted in great family time! I found myself more focused on my husband and son... leaving our TV off more too. Definitely something of which I'd like to make more of a habit!

I definitely think this past weekend was great... Friday started off with me getting Jack's baptism invitations printed off at my parents (their printer is really nice!). I then came home and got myself ready for a "Mommy's night out" with a few friends who also have babies (but it was of course, not a Mom-only night). We went to El Vaquero for dinner and I must say, I've missed margaritas! I have never been one for margaritas, but man did they taste delicious. We even went out to a bar afterwards... my wonderful husband packed up my son and came and picked me up!

Saturday night we went over to a couple that we're good friends with for the Buckeye game. I made yummy Skyline Chili dip because I honestly kinda had a craving for it. It will be interesting to see how Jack does during football season; he was not a big fan of the random loud yells that the guys would give for the good, the bad, & the ugly plays. Our friend, Mike was in town from Orlando and it was great to see him... he's only been in FL for a little over a month but he's been missed.

Today, was nice & relaxing! Matt woke up and made a yummy breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs & toast; we think we want to make Sunday breakfasts a part of our family traditions. We went to Mass, which was kind of eventful for Jack... he ended up getting fussy & hungry half-way through so we had to move ourselves to the "cry room" so I could nurse him. I thought before we ventured to take him to church that this would be something I find very uncomfortable, but in the end it was very natural and I did not feel disrespectful about doing. Honestly, I was more worried about what some of the little older ladies might think than what God thought... I know He would want me to take care of my son!

Well, this evening has been full of laundry and a yummy dinner of oven-baked subs made by Matt! I am off to play around with our camcorder software so I can back-up our movies that we've taken so far.

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