Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 Month Update... a month late

So, I've done a terrible job blogging this month and for that I am very sorry!  Here are a few picture of the boys from February!

Jack getting in on the action of 3 month pictures for Christopher.  (Excuse Jack's eye, he had a really nasty stye that came  out of the blue... yuck!)

Big boy!  Love those chunky thighs and pudgy belly!

I love to eat my bear... and anything else I can get in my mouth.

My latest favorite toy.  You'd think his reflection would be pretty interesting but he loves the little bugs on the frame.

Jack refusing to smile for a cute picture on Valentine's Day!  Christopher's look says it all: "what is your deal?"

My funny Valentine!

Cute baby pictures always make up for everything, right?  Sorry, this month has been crazy.  Lots of family things going on, including a hospitalized family member.  Things are going so much better these days and we are so very thankful for the turn of events!  We have also entered peak season for my husband at work and things are pretty busy at work for me too... always trying to remain thankful that we are gainfully employed!

Next blog post is a giveaway... hope you enjoyed this update!  Once we get Christopher's 4 month milestone pictures, I will be sure to post with his stats from his 4 month appointment!  I also hope to post a few examples of our home organization as part of The 52 Weeks to an Organized House Challenge.


  1. Your boys are so cute!I had all girls & one boy! But, only one left at home she is going on 10. I love the age your boys are at. Cherish every moment!Glad you found my site & visited I hope you drop by again when you can. Going to check out another post! visiting from

  2. Wow, the months have flown by! Great pics! Thanks for sharing! ~Marci

  3. So cute! Love the 3 month tee!