Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Boy!

Today is your 2nd birthday, Jack!  I'm so lucky to get to be your mom every single day, even though it seems as you're getting into the "terrible twos" more and more.  Today you're actually sick with strep throat and you've got a terrible cough to go with it.  It breaks my heart every time you cough and are in pain, but you seem to smile and act goofy through it all!

We're having a Mickey Mouse birthday party for you this weekend (on Father's Day) because you love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning with Daddy (and any other time you ask us to put in the DVD).  You're almost starting to outgrow Mickey Mouse, in favor or "bigger" and "better" things like Toy Story (Woody & Buzz) and [race] Cars (Mater is your favorite), but you're just showing your strong personality!  That's ok I suppose, even if that means your personality is growing up a little bit...

You are all boy!  Your favorite toys are planes, trains & automobiles... basically anything with wheels or that "goes"!  You are especially fond of construction trucks, because somehow you already know they are louder than other vehicles.  You loved riding on the airplane this past week to go to Texas, and you were quite the awesome traveler!  You made Mommy very proud, even when yelling "Blast off" over & over as our 6:30 am flight was taking off!  Another way you are "all boy", Grandma took you to McDonald's earlier this spring and you saw a baby in an infant car seat... at first you were sweet and introducing yourself to the baby, then you started to growl at the baby!  You're so silly... you must get it from your Daddy!

Mommy and Daddy love you very much big boy!  I can't wait to watch you grow up for many many years to come!

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