Saturday, June 4, 2011

Building our Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash

We're looking forward to welcoming baby #2 to our family this fall.  I have been obsessing over what cloth diapers to buy for the itty-bitty baby we'll be cloth diapering.  Because we've been having issues with our wash routine, having diapers that wash easily is my number 1 priority.  I had posted before about that we ordered a Happy Heiny Mini-OS and two Rumparooz Lil' Joey.  The recommendations out there say 20-24 cloth diapers for the newborn phase.  Here are things that I'm planning on (or wishing) adding to the stash:
I have never used wool, but I know the brand I purchased has great resale value so if I don't like them I can get rid of them easily in the future!  People swear by using wool for breathable and preventing diaper rash, so it can't hurt to try.  The "longies" can be used as regular pants too if I don't like them as a cover.

The totals up there will add up to approximately 24 diapers.  Anyone have any other suggestions or reviews?


  1. I'm trying to build up my'n right now too. I'll tell you what's on my list. Your list has given me some good ideas so maybe my'n will do the same! I've thought and researched a lot about my list so it's all pretty much based on a bunch of reviews:
    GroVia newborn AIO
    Kissaluv's newborn AIO
    TotsBots tiny Fit
    Happy Heiny's os mini
    Fuzzibunz x-small

    Green Mountain Prefolds
    Kissaluv's Fitted size 0
    Muttaqin Baby newborn fitted

    Rumparooz newborn cover
    thirsties size one wraps
    (I think I'll try a bummis whisper and super wrap too I've heard they are awesome)
    I've also heard good things about prowraps they are a cover and are dirt cheap!

    Anyways there it is. Who knows if I'll get them all but maybe in the future if not now :).

    Be sure to blog about how your nb diapers work out!

  2. Oh ya and I really want to try wool too, But I'm too scared right now. I need to do more research about those.