Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Infantino Cloud Cart/Highchair Cover

When I was pregnant with Jack, I swore I'd never be that mom that tried to protect her baby from every possible source of germs.  I held true to that pretty well, the one thing I did give-in on wanting was a high chair/cart cover when he was about 5-6 months old.  He was chewing on EVERYTHING and when sitting in either a high chair or shopping cart the handles and bars seemed to be within easy "reach" of his mouth.  It didn't so much gross me out with the germs factor (but it was cold and flu season and he couldn't get the vaccine at that point) but the danger factor that these seats can cause.  Now, most carts and highchairs aren't in that bad of shape, but I had come across quite a few rough wooden highchair and rusty shopping carts with exposed screws.

I recently was approached with the opportunity to try the new Infantino Cloud Deluxe Shopping Cart Cover.  I must say, this is one high quality, and intense, cover!  Here's a picture of the package I received:

Front view with description and uses.

Top view with the handle for carrying when not in use.
I don't have picture of Jack in it because he is at the age where doing anything Mommy wants him to do is not good, but I did eventually get him to ride in a shopping cart with it.  He was just very angry about being in the cart to begin with.  Here are my pros & cons of my experience:
  • Very comfortable and cushy, perfect for those babies that are just sitting up!
  • Adorable pattern
  • Machine washable (a must for any baby item)
  • Very stretchy, would easily fit on a lot of different shapes & sizes of shopping carts!
  • The velcro that keeps the sides together through the bars of the shopping cart.  I like this as opposed to ties for a quick set-up
  • Hard to put on one-handed (using other hand to hold baby), wouldn't be an issue if I were out with Matt (he'd hold Jack and I'd get the cover on).
  • Leg holes seemed small for Jack, but would be perfect for a younger/smaller baby.
  • Too big to put in the diaper bag (has to be carried separately), but all covers I have seen are.
  • Because it is meant to go across the handle of the shopping cart, if you get a cart with a wonky wheel (which I did while trying this) it makes it very hard to steer the cart.
  • Would also be too big for a wooden restaurant high chair.
Overall, this is a great cover!  You definitely need two hands and it would be better for a smaller baby and early sitter, but it is definitely high quality!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative of Infantino Test & Tell Mom program. I received the cart cover to facilitate my review. I have not been compensated in any other way for this post, and my thoughts expressed above are completely my own.

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