Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Love Long Weekends!

Last weekend was great!! Saturday was Miss. Abby's 1st birthday party and it was crazy to think that a little over a year ago we hadn't met our babies and last weekend they were all over the place playing together (and by together, I mean in the same area). Abby was adorable of course... Jack tried to steal the gift we gave her. I guess he had been staring at it for a week or so at our house so he must have thought it was his toy! Matt had to work last Saturday which stunk we didn't get a whole long weekend, but we did get the equivalent of a full weekend together, 2 whole days of family time... which we managed to fill up!Sunday we went to Mass, I ran some errands, and then went to my coworker's house for a cook-out and corn-hole. Jack had a blast with all the people, he even attempted to climb the stairs on their patio. Since we have no stairs at home, its nothing he really has a lot of exposure to but he definitely climbs on anything else at our house.

Yesterday, we went to Matt's boss' house for a cook-out and the NCAA Lacrosse Championship game. We weren't able to stay for the whole game because Jack needed to get some sort of afternoon nap in, but they have a pool so I took Jack for a swim! Here are some pictures:

Jack & Mommy in the pool!

Jack doesn't actually know about the dog behind him, but he looks so surprised!

Really mad at Mommy for dunking him!

Relaxing with a Dr. Pepper after a swim!


  1. so cute! I took Dominic in the pool a couple of weeks ago...it took 15 minutes of screaming, but then he realized he could have fun in there! LOL

  2. Love the pictures! Glad y'all had a great weekend. Brendan is surprised everyday by our dog kissing his face, no matter how much it happens!