Friday, August 28, 2009

The Big Hunt for a Little House...

So we looked at a house for the third time on Wednesday. We were pretty sure we wanted to make an offer, but decided to sleep on it! We set up a meeting with our realtor to write up the offer on Friday. Friday afternoon we got an email... someone put an offer in on the house that morning. The seller's agent said they'd like to see our offer because the other people low-balled. We had to start out offering a little higher then we were originally going to but still under what we had already decided was the highest we'd go for this property. We gave them until 5 p.m. Saturday so we'll see what happens! We're nervous, anxious, excited just to find out what they have to say. If its meant to be ours, it'll work out!

Jack is getting to be more and more alert everyday! His little personality is so fun to watch interact with people and all the new things he is noticing. Below is a picture of him holding/chewing on his "baby" that Aunt Laurie, Uncle Chic, and his Chilicki cousins gave him... he really has started to enjoy the texture! We've started to take it everywhere.

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