Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to Work, Back to Work...

So my first couple of days back went surprisingly well... My first day back included lunch with my boys and some of the ladies at work! I got to show of our little man to my coworkers and get a Jack fix. Matt and I had gone to a wedding when Jack was a month old and spent 4 hours away from him then; this made splitting my full day up much easier. Not to mention I had 250+ emails to sort through that day (and this after I had checked my email a couple times on leave and deleted some "junk"). It was also nice for Matt to get to spend a whole day of father-son time. Their day ended like this:

Today was again relatively easy, but Jack had his 2 month check-up and immunizations. Matt met me at the pediatrician's office and was the strong on, while I was pacing in the tiny exam room holding back my own tears while Jack was crying through his shots. Jack spent the rest of the day with Grandma and Aunt Rachel and did really well! My mom said he took a nice long nap and ate a little bit, but was in pretty good spirits.

Tomorrow is my first full day without my baby boy... Here's to hoping that goes well! I go straight from work to pick him up at Grandma's, I better not get a speeding ticket! Ha ha!

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